The solid background of Metsit Ingredients is formed by years of experience in the organic sector and the experience with the cultivation of different crops like wheat, potatoes and sugar beets. These fundamentals are the basis of the company. Metsit is committed to serve you and our mission is to grow sustainable together.

All Organic products comply with the specific organic EU regulations (EU reg. 834/2007 and 889/2008). Metsit ingredients only buys organic products from organic certified producers. Due to years of experience there is a lot of knowledge about the organic supply chain and the corresponding potential risks.

Besides our organic certification we are also Fairtrade certified for the (organic) cane sugar which we import and distribute through Europe. Fairtrade assures a better work and living environment for farmers and employees world wide.

For Multiple customers active in the Aquafeed, Compounded feed and Pet Food industry we have our GMP+ certification in place so we can secure the chain of raw materials we supply.